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The 5 DEADLIEST Health Risks Women Face Today?

Ladies, I have some bad news for you.. As you get older, you may be more susceptible to chronic diseases than you were in your prime. Yes, it may affect men as well, but due to the onset of menopause, your risk significantly goes up. You’re more at risk for developing heart disease…cancer…diabetes…brain related issues…and […]

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Is Your Supermarket Holding A DEADLY Secret?

I really love to have a juicy cheeseburger or a nice steak from time to time. There is just something about having a steak and taters meal that brings me back to my childhood in some way. However, there is a BIG problem with my (and your) local supermarket: They don’t carry enough grass-fed beef!  […]

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3 Point Checklist To Lower Your Blood Pressure

You know that lowering your blood pressure is an important step in maintaining a healthy heart. So you probably eat a good diet… Monitor your salt intake… And you probably exercise frequently! However, I bet you didn’t know there are three other ways to lower your blood pressure – besides through diet, exercise, and prescription […]

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