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This TINY Berry Boosts Heart Health?

There is one, tiny, blue berry that has been shown promising in almost all facets of human health. It’s so important that I tell my kids to eat as much of this potent super berry as often as they want… It’s just that important! The berry I am referring to is blueberries! This small berry […]

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Do Universal Blood Donors Get Alzheimer’s?

What blood type are you? Are you an “A”, and “B”, and “AB”, or an “O?” I can almost bet you didn’t know that your blood type could predict if you will develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future. However, a breaking new study shows that your blood type may predict if you’re at risk for […]

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14 Days To Cut Cancer Risk In Half?

Let me tell you little story… A few years back, my dad’s aunt went to the doctors for a nagging cough that just wouldn’t go away. After checking her lungs and blood work, her doctor sent her in for a CAT scan and an MRI to rule out other health issues that they couldn’t see. […]

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The NEW Reason To Drink Red Wine?

No matter where you live…how much you exercise…or if you eat right…. There’s a pretty good chance that you will die a young death. Now, not everyone may be predisposed to dying early, but when you eat poorly, don’t exercise, or have a high stress job, then your death risk may increase significantly. However, there […]

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How To Live To 109 Years YOUNG?

The other day, someone close to where I lived passed away. Why am I telling you this?  She passed away at the ripe age of 109! That’s right, she lived to be 109 years old!  Imagine the things that she went through…did…and experienced in her 109 years on this earth! And as much as I […]

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[DANGEROUS] 5 Cancer Signs Men Shouldn’t Ignore

By now, you have probably experienced the pain that cancer can bring. You may have either had a loved one suffer…beat…or be taken due to this often-times deadly disease. Cancer is not gender specific, nor does it discriminate against you if you’re young or old. It impacts everyone! Now, women are constantly told to check […]

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