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Can THESE Bacteria Prevent Diabetes?

There is one condition that may seriously impact your health. And that is insulin resistance!  This specific condition may prevent your body from utilizing insulin effectively, therefore causing a rise in blood sugar. As this sugar quickly rises, it needs to be put somewhere – usually in other areas of your body, namely your organs […]

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Prevent YOUR Heart Attack (6 easy steps)

I don’t want to scare you, but I wanted you to see some of these statistics that just came across my desk. Here they are:1 in every 4 deaths is associated with heart disease.  That’s 600.000 annually.Coronary heart disease is the number ONE killer of both men and women, killing nearly 380,000 people each year. […]

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3 Foods No Man Over 40 Should Eat

Guys, if you are over 40, you’ve probably noticed a couple things: You’ve probably noticed that you can shed the excess belly fat quite as easily as before… Or that you’re not as strong and muscular as you once were… Perhaps you have found out some disturbing news about your health. Whatever the reason, getting […]

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