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SHOCKING New Study Released From Brazil Today

Shocking new research has stunned the medical community and dieters alike. They have discovered that THIS one, very fatty vegetable, may actually LOWER your blood pressure. That’s right, this one food – one that people have refrained from eating – has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve the health of your heart. Controversial?  […]

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When Will YOU Have Your Heart Attack?

No one wants to have a heart attack… Not because of the pain…or the risky surgery…or even the lifetime reliance on medication. People don’t want to have a heart attack because they’re afraid… They’re afraid that their next step will be their last… That every little pain…every twitch…every painful breath… …could be the last one […]

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The ONLY Time Holding Your Breath Can Save You

There’s a pretty good chance you know someone who has had cancer. It could be a loved one…a parent or sibling…or a coworker… The chance that someone you know will develop cancer is pretty good – since there are hundreds of thousands of new cases reported each year. But inside those numbers, there’s an even […]

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Can Your GUT Kill You?

Nine and 23 percent of people around the world suffer from this dreadful disease. In the US alone, the number of people with this common gastrointestinal disorder is more like 10 to 15 percent. It causes pain…discomfort…and cramping, making it hard to go out. There are 2.5 million annual visits due to complications associated with […]

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The 3 Biggest Regrets That DYING People Carry

This week, a dear friend of mine suffered an immeasurable loss. Her fiancé’s grandmother – one of her biggest supporters -passed away after a very brief illness. The loss of this very important figure in her life sent shockwaves, not only through his family, but her family as well. The ripple effect of her passing […]

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Two Steps To A Younger, Healthier Brain

You may not know it’s happening… But your brain is slowly turning into mush. Most people chock it up to the aging process. But I have some sad news… If you have lapses in memory… Have a hard time concentrating on the task at hand… Or your thoughts are muddled and confusing… Then there is […]

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