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A Message From Our Founder

My name is Jim Strong, the founder of OmegaK, and I’d like to tell you my story and why I started this company.

When I was just a boy I witnessed my father having a heart attack. As you might imagine, it’s not something easily forgotten. In fact, I wrote about it as the most memorable event in my life when I applied to colleges. And all these years later, it’s STILL the event I remember most.

When you see your father, the tower of strength in your life, being carried out of his bedroom on a stretcher by paramedics, looking grey as a ghost and completely helpless… you just never forget that – NEVER.

Now, decades later, being the father of a baby girl, well, the memory stays with me more than ever. It’s a sight I don’t want her to ever have to see. If you’re a parent, you certainly know what I mean. Shoot, just the other day I had a little cough, and that was enough to make my 14 month old cry. I don’t ever want her to witness what I witnessed.

And I want the same for you. I never want the ones you love to see you in the excruciating agony that comes with having a heart attack.

In fact, it’s the reason I started OmegaK. It’s the reason we’re on a mission to help prevent 100,000 heart attacks per year. It’s the reason we’re on a mission to let people know how powerful an ally 100% pure Antarctic Krill is when it comes to heart health.

That’s why we urge you to read and have a deep understanding of the following two topics:

Do You Suffer From Omega 6 Toxicity? < == click to read

The Top Nine Research-Based Reasons Your Doctor Will Love Krill Oil < == click to read

Those two easy-to-read articles will give you a concrete understanding of just how crucial OmegaK is to your heart health.

One last thing: You have my solemn pledge that we here at OmegaK will do everything in our power to help protect your heart. But there’s only so much we can do. It’s up to you to take the actions necessary to prevent the terrifying ordeal my father and I had to live through.

But fear not, because I know you’re up to the challenge!

Yours in vibrant health,

Jim Strong
Jim Strong

PS – My friend Ryan made this special presentation that includes a “Ten Second Trick” that helps prevent heart attacks. Be sure to watch it by clicking here.


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