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The NEW Reason To Drink Red Wine?

No matter where you live…how much you exercise…or if you eat right…. There’s a pretty good chance that you will die a young death. Now, not everyone may be predisposed to dying early, but when you eat poorly, don’t exercise, or have a high stress job, then your death risk may increase significantly. However, there […]

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How To Live To 109 Years YOUNG?

The other day, someone close to where I lived passed away. Why am I telling you this?  She passed away at the ripe age of 109! That’s right, she lived to be 109 years old!  Imagine the things that she went through…did…and experienced in her 109 years on this earth! And as much as I […]

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[DANGEROUS] 5 Cancer Signs Men Shouldn’t Ignore

By now, you have probably experienced the pain that cancer can bring. You may have either had a loved one suffer…beat…or be taken due to this often-times deadly disease. Cancer is not gender specific, nor does it discriminate against you if you’re young or old. It impacts everyone! Now, women are constantly told to check […]

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The #1 Liquid That KILLS Your Heart

Do you want to know what the biggest threat is to your health? No, it’s not air pollution… It’s not global warming… And it’s not chemicals and pesticides… It’s sugar!  The white, grainy substance that many people add to their coffee and tea in the morning and that may be a part of almost every […]

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Is The Blood Sugar Fix Found In Leafy Greens?

Exciting news for people who may be pre-diabetic, or have issues with blood sugar control! A new study shows that one potent vitamin may lower your blood sugar AND improve your body’s ability to handle insulin. What vitamin are we referring to? And no, it’s not vitamin D either… Vitamin K and Glucose Control If […]

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The Common Allergen That Could Save Your Heart?

Who knew? A tiny food – that causes a whole mess of allergic reactions (sometimes fatal) – could actually protect your heart! The allergen in question: Peanuts! Peanuts and Heart Health Peanuts are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which makes it one of the most potent – yet tiny – super foods […]

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