Q: Does OmegaK come with a guarantee?

A: You have a full 60 Days for you and your heart to "test drive" OmegaK to see just how powerful it really is. If the quality of OmegaK doesn't live up to its reputation as the finest in krill oil, or you don't see and feel the results OmegaK can give you, simply return the unused portion for an immediate 100% money back refund.

Q: Can I eat my way to better levels of EPA and DHA?

A: That's a great question. While diet is an important part of your overall health, you have to face the fact that you're a busy person…and that you probably, like me, don't want to eat pounds of fresh fish every single day. Even if you could, fish, unlike Krill Oil, contains dangerous levels of mercury—and these mercury levels are increasing every single year. The cost of eating that much fish would also exceed the cost of supplementing with EPA and DHA from Krill Oil by a long shot! So, due to the state of our oceans, our toxic environment, and chronic daily stress, all of which demand even greater amounts of EPA and DHA to maintain and protect your health, supplementing with OmegaK is really your best and only option.

Q: Can I just buy a less expensive form of Krill?

A: You MAY be able to find a Krill Oil supplement that's slightly less expensive, but you simply cannot find one that is properly sourced, guaranteed not to be rancid, or anywhere near the EPA/DHA potency of OmegaK. Look at it this way: you could try to put really cheap gas into a Ferrari, but instead of saving money, you'll end up ruining a $100,000 engine. Your body is worth infinitely MORE than that $100,000 Ferrari engine, and putting cheap nutrients into it is infinitely more dangerous! When it comes to your heart and your health, never step on dollars to pick up pennies. It's simply not worth the risk. OmegaK is financially the superior choice.

Q: "Do I have to go on a strict diet or exercise plan?"

A: Most so-called "experts" have all of us pretty confused when it comes to diet and exercise. The TRUTH is that you should NEVER try to force yourself into an eating plan you KNOW you will never follow… Also, you should never try intense exercise without having proper nutrition! You have to START SIMPLE: Supplement your current diet with OmegaK. After a few weeks, you'll find your cravings for bad foods naturally decreasing. Then, add in the healthy foods we suggest, and you'll be well on your way. That's not a diet — it's a lifestyle meal strategy. Do that, and you'll soon feel yourself wanting to move. That's the secret. Allow your body to absorb these vital nutrients, and your body will start craving what it naturally needs.

Q: What research can you show me about Krill Oil?

A: Both you and your doctor will love OmegaK powered by 100% Antarctic Krill Oil. In fact, click this link to discover The Top 9 Research Based Reasons Why

Q: Do I really need to be concerned with Omega 6 Toxicity?

A: Unfortunately, you do. In fact, it’s such a serious issue we highly recommend you click here to read much more on the subject.

Q: Is there anyone that should NOT take OmegaK?

A: It should not be taken by women that are pregnant or nursing. Nor should it be taken by children. And if you are on prescription medications, you should always check with your doctor before using this or any other supplement.  Do NOT take OmegaK Krill Oil if your doctor has prescribed Coumadin or other blood thinner medications. 

Q: Is your website safe and secure for online ordering?

A: Yes, we use ultra-secure 256 bit encryption to process your order safely. Just how safe is that? It's the same encryption level that is used by major e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Zappos, Apple, and other leading brands.

Q: Can customer service be reached by phone?

A: Absolutely! There's nothing worse than a company that hides behind the Internet and doesn't provide a phone number to answer the questions you might have. You can call us anytime completely TOLL FREE at 1-800-862-1590.

Q: How will my order be shipped, and how long before it arrives?

A: Our advanced inventory management system will automatically calculate which shipping method will allow for the fastest delivery possible. All orders are shipped as soon as possible. If you live in the US you can expect your shipment in just 3-5 business days. And remember, you can receive FREE SHIPPING if you live in the USA!

Q: How often do I take OmegaK?

A: Simply consume 2 of our OmegaK soft gel capsules per day – that's it!

Q: Is OmegaK "non-GMO"?

A: Yes

Q: Is OmegaK gluten-free?

A: Yes

Q: How big are the OmegaK capsules?

A: The soft gel capsules are only 16.25mm in length and 6.35mm in height.

Q: Can I see the ingredients and nutrition facts of OmegaK?




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