These 3 Foods KILL High Blood Pressure

Otherwise known as the “silent killer,” high blood pressure is one factor that contributes to the development of heart disease.

And, if you have a pressure reading of 140/90 – most days of the week – then your chances of having a heart attack significantly increase.

Now, for those of you looking to lower your blood pressure – without dangerous medications – then changing your dietary habits may accomplish this goal.

Diet and Blood Pressure

There are many factors that contribute to high blood pressure- but your diet may be the BIGGEST.

If you don’t drink enough water or have too much sodium in your diet, then your risk of high blood pressure increases.

Now, there are certain foods that you may – or may not – be eating that may LOWER your blood pressure and improve your health.

Here are three great options that KILL blood pressure:

1. Purple Potatoes

You may think that all potatoes contribute to weight gain, therefore they may have negative effects on blood pressure.

Purple potatoes – and other pigmented veggies –contain powerful antioxidants anthocyanins, and other potent nutrients that can lower your blood pressure.

In fact, one study showed that including purple potatoes resulted in a 4mm reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

2. Kiwi

This green fleshy fruit has also been shown to lower your blood pressure.

Kiwi contains lutein, a nutrient that possesses antioxidant properties, which may be solely responsible for the reduction in blood pressure.

In fact, a study conducted by the American Heart Association showed that people who consumed THREE kiwi’s a day
– with their normal diet – reduced their systolic blood pressure by 3.6mm compared to those who ate apples.

3. Watermelon

Besides containing plenty of water, vitamins, and minerals, watermelon also contains a potent amino acid that possesses blood pressure-lowering properties.

The amino acid – L citrulline – has been shown to support and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

A study conducted by Florida State University showed that people with pre-hypertension that ate watermelon, successfully prevented their condition from becoming full-blown hypertension.

Eat Three Foods That KILL Blood Pressure

If you want to improve your heart-health, then you should be including these three foods into your diet.

Each one contains potent antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – plus other nutrients – that have been shown in research to lower your blood pressure and improve your heart-health.

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